What Makes Chinatown’s In The United States A Unique Place To Be

If you have never experienced the greatness of a Chinatown before, you are really missing out on a great experience. Although you might think that you have an idea of what Chinatown is like, you can never really understand the marvels of it if you have never been to one yourself. In fact, there are quite a few things that make Chinatown very unique and exciting.

For instance, one reason why a lot of people head to their local Chinatown is so that they can enjoy the food. If you have a favorite Chinese restaurant that you like (more…)

How To Preserve The Chinese Culture In American Chinatowns

Preserving the Chinese culture in American Chinatowns is very important. The United States is a melting pot of different cultures, and people of all ancestries, from the Puerto Ricans to the Irish, have institutes and parades to mark the qualities that make their ancestral culture a great one. Although the Chinatown culture was once thriving with a lot of revenue and young Chinese people who genuinely respected the importance of Chinese history and traditional culture, several American Chinatowns have had to shut their doors due to lack of business and a (more…)

How To Preserve The Chinatown In Chicago

Both those who are from Asian countries and who have Asian backgrounds and those who are from American and elsewhere often enjoy visiting Chinatown in Chicago, but Chinatown is facing some changes and issues if everyone doesn’t make an effort to preserve it. Chinatown has become an important part of Chicago’s history, and it is also a major tourist attraction that helps bring a lot of people to the city. It is also essential for Chinatown to stay well-preserved (more…)

The New York City Chinatown And What Makes It Unique

Chinatown located in the Manhattan area of New York, is the largest Chinatown in the United States. Unlike other Chinatowns in America, this one is not only houses businesses but also boasts a large residential area as well. In 2010, this Chinatown was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

There are many points of interest in this area, visitors have a choice from a wide variety of ethic Chinese restaurants. Shoppers enjoy finding unique clothing and (more…)

How We Can Preserve The Chinatown In San Francisco

Chinatown, which is located in San Francisco, played a large part in American history. Tourists from all over the world visit Chinatown every year to enjoy the many restaurants that offer exotic cuisine. Tourists also visit the Chinatown district to shop for souvenirs. The shops are colorful and inviting to all who visit and are filled with the best of China’s commodities. What visitors do not realize is that the Chinese went through hard times to maintain the district’s location.

Rebuilding of Chinatown

A devastating fire and earthquake hit the (more…)

The History Of The Chinatown In San Francisco

The Gold Rush of 1848 in California looked pretty good to many Chinese people, whose own country’s economic conditions were less than ideal at that time. While they came for the gold mines, many Chinese immigrants returned to San Francisco because they were not welcome in many places.

Prejudice and suspicion continued throughout the century, enforced through laws like the “Anti-Coolie Tax” which levied a tax on all Mongolians that worked doing anything other than producing and manufacturing things like sugar, rice and tea.

More laws restricted Chinese housing and employment opportunities (more…)

The Unique Items You Can Find In Chinatown In Philadelphia

Chinatown in Philadelphia provides an exciting cultural experience that cannot be found in other areas of the city, and the unique culture that is so prevalent in Philadelphia’s Chinatown is different from the various Chinatowns in other large cities in America. Philadelphia residents and tourists alike are sure to enjoy the unique and exciting culture, food and wares that can be found in the area Chinatown.

Those who are looking for a unique meal are sure to find it (more…)

Why The Chinatown In Philadelphia Is Important

Chinatown in Philadelphia, much like in other big cities across the nation, is treasured by many different people in the area. For the residents of Philadelphia who are from Asian countries or are of Asian descent, Chinatown is a special place that gives them a taste of home. For residents of Philadelphia who enjoy Asian cuisine and unique gift items, Chinatown is a treasured area of their city. Finally, for both tourists and visitors to the Philadelphia area, Chinatown provides a unique and highly cultural experience, right here in the United States.

Philadelphia’s Chinatown offers (more…)

How To Preserve Chinatown In Philadelphia

Chinatown is an amazing place in Philadelphia. There are so many different things that you can do there, and it is amazing because you can go to China without ever having to leave the country.

Here is how to preserve Chinatown in Philadelphia:

Eat at the authentic Chinese restaurants

A lot of your Chinese food is Americanized. This is done to appeal to more people, but as a result of this, the true Chinese culture is lost in the (more…)

The Best Chinatowns In The United States

There are many beautiful Chinatowns in the United States. If you are considering going to one of them, then you should consider them from this list of the best Chinatowns in the United States.

Here is a list of the best Chinatowns in the United States:

San Francisco

You cannot even mention the best Chinatowns in the United States without mentioning the Chinatown in San Francisco. The Chinatown here is a huge tourist attraction for the city. Boasting (more…)